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    What are some of your playlist after someone had called you up for sex? I know some of us would sway on our moods and will play a song as we drive ourselves towards them. For me, it's "unravel me" by Sabrina Claudio which has a good driving rhythm that you can groove and "Go All Night" by Kelala and this song makes me want to do it all night long.

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    One of the songs we always play after sex is "Cold Sweat" by Tinashe. I don't know why but my partner is the one picking the songs after sex.


    • Girlie23
      Girlie23 commented
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      Maybe because of the sweat and the line "bodies dripping".

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    We usually play random kinds of music when in the mood for sex. My man would simply search for romantic sexy music and play what is on the top spot.


    • errania2
      errania2 commented
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      And what was the song that often comes on top when your guy enters romantic sexy music?

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    Most of the time I keep my playlist on shuffle so there's a chance that we would be listening to some Hole or Joan Jett, then the next song would be Hiphop Hooray by Naughty By Nature. But if I want to set the mood properly it would be No Ordinary Love by Sade or Red Light Special by TLC.


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      The song Mirrors bu Justin Timberlake was our all-time favorite song while having sex before.


      • HEYhewlan
        HEYhewlan commented
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        Have you actually tried having doing it while looking at the mirror?

      • Happyro
        Happyro commented
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        Do you still remember the times that you've done it with your ex every time that you hear that song?

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      "Body Party" by Ciara is the best sex music for me. Especially this part of the sone "You can keep your hands on me, touch me right there, rock my body.".


      • sevva3
        sevva3 commented
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        I also knew a song but forget the title something like touching her body, you put it right there oh oh oh.

      • HEYDream
        HEYDream commented
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        sevva3 I think it's "Right There" by Nicole Scherzinger. It goes like this "I love when you put it right there oh oh oh".

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      The seductive voice of The Weeknd on their song "Often" get things started well every night.


      • Jarul
        Jarul commented
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        Guess you're lucky to have him since he's able to have the stamina to do it with you every night.

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      "Ride" by SoMo. "I'm gon' ride, I'm, I'm gon' ride on you baby" that part of the song is really my favorite!


      • BAKINGre
        BAKINGre commented
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        That was the song we played when I have had sex with my first boyfriend.

      • HarHappyTricked
        HarHappyTricked commented
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        Do I need to be in the cowgirl position when that part of the song plays?

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      The song Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation is a relaxing sex song for me. I first heard that song in the movie Twilight.


      • ChocolateLove
        ChocolateLove commented
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        The song is good but the movie is turd awful.

      • CumbersomeMome
        CumbersomeMome commented
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        ChocolateLove I agree with you about the movie. Haven't actually met a person who really loved it.

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      I would prefer the song "Like a Virgin" by Madonna. It's a classic sex song but it is still the best for me.


      • LoveSandDrummer
        LoveSandDrummer commented
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        That was played in our house often even if no one is having sexual activities. lol

      • LoveHeadline
        LoveHeadline commented
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        I would also like this one to be at my playlist, it always sounds bubbly and jaunty.

      • Imhisforever
        Imhisforever commented
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        I love this song too and I always play it if I'm the mood for sex.

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      The song would be Nice And Slow by Usher because that's the way I like it when it comes to sex.


      • MagicBAKINGBNM
        MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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        So whenever you are having sex, you play that music?

      • FyUoCuK24
        FyUoCuK24 commented
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        I kinda like the intro of that song as well, so I might pick that song also.

      • Ucchala
        Ucchala commented
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        FyUoCuK24 you're right about the intro of that song. It makes me want to do it with my guy at that pace exactly.

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      Well, I got my playlist on spotify which includes the weeknd "High for this" D'Angelo "Really Love" Khalid "Location" The Rolling Stones "Give Me Shelter" Dead Prez "Mind Sex" and much more.


      • Mimsywas
        Mimsywas commented
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        Do you let it shuffle when playing while having sex? Or you choose the songs?

      • 59Alpha
        59Alpha commented
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        That's quite a broad range of artists. This might be the first time that seeing a song of Khalid being followed by The Rolling Stones.

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      A song that will keep me excited is the one I would play. My track or playlist will be Walking in sunshine by katrina, I got a feeling, all you need is love and after the sex I would play Love and Happiness by Al Green and Happy by pharell.


      • OhMyLorie
        OhMyLorie commented
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        I feel all your playlist and I bet your partner's song would be "I just had sex" by Akon.

      • Paylah
        Paylah commented
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        Walking On Sunshine is by Katrina And The Waves and I Just Had Sex is from The Lonely Island was featuring Akon.

    • #14
      Closer by Nine Inch Nails. The beat of the song has a nice groove and the first line of the chorus says it all. The first line of the chorus is: I wanna fuck you like an animal.


      • HarSecConspiracy
        HarSecConspiracy commented
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        I'm guessing that you're going to thrust to the beat of the kick drum that's why you think that it has a nice groove?

    • #15
      My song will be MmmBop by Hanson and while I'm travelling to meet that person I'll play "A thousand miles" by Vanessa Carlton.


      • InspiringMeanFantastic
        InspiringMeanFantastic commented
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        Why would you choose MmmBop? Was that song playing when you lost your virginity?

      • lizza
        lizza commented
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        InspiringMeanFantastic that might be the reason why she has chosen that song.