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One Night Stand Fails

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  • One Night Stand Fails

    What was your worst or awkward one night stand moment? My experience was I woke up at 6 am laying next to the guy's pee. Hottest guy I've ever hooked up with yet he ruined it by peeing in the damn bed.

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    In the middle of the night, he woke me up me and said: "I'm going to throw up, where should I throw up?" I was still drunk, and half asleep, so I pointed at a pillow on the floor and said "there" so he threw up on my pillow.


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      It was finding out that he was still living with his mom. He has a valid reason why he's living with her, the awkward thing was being asked to join her for breakfast.


      • Biggerwave
        Biggerwave commented
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        So did you join her for breakfast or not? Also, did she asked you if you're the girlfriend of her son?

      • Happyhorr
        Happyhorr commented
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        Biggerwave Yeah, and I respect her for inviting me to eat with her.

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      I feel that most of us have been in the situation before. Which is the guy falling asleep during sex or blowjob.


      • InspiringMeanFantastic
        InspiringMeanFantastic commented
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        What do you usually do when that happens? Do you still continue to fuck or suck his dick or go to sleep as well?

      • Deepah
        Deepah commented
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        If he is really tired I think I let him sleep. InspiringMeanFantastic

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      Me and the guy were making out at his place and as we're taking off our clothes, my period came. Ended up just sucking his dick that evening.


      • LoveHeadline
        LoveHeadline commented
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        Do you think that he was disappointed that he wasn't able to fuck you that evening?

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      Worst one-night stand I experience was both of us were drunk and can't keep with each other and we are exhausted and decided to sleep it off. Blame it on the alcohol.


      • Pihuya
        Pihuya commented
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        Did you meet her at a party that's why both of you are drunk and had the worst sex on that night?

      • 59Alpha
        59Alpha commented
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        Your head must be so dizzy at that time and it keeps on spinning that why you can't keep up.

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      This one is funny, I went to an older lady's house one night and next morning her kid comes in, and he's at least 16 years old. He's like, 'omg mom, another one??'.


      • FortuneYumMr
        FortuneYumMr commented
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        I hope her child will not be thinking of having another brother or sister with an unknown father lol.