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  • Armpit Fetish

    Have you been with a guy who has an armpit fetish? My guy liked to bagpipe my armpit. At first, I thought it was weird, but he was super into it and came quickly. A bagpipe is where the man puts his penis in a girls armpit.

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    Never been with a guy but he always checks on my armpit if it's clean or hairy. I spend more time with guys who are into feet or have a foot fetish.


    • 59Alpha
      59Alpha commented
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      Lots of guys have a foot fetish and then some other men fancy a lot when a woman has a hairy armpit, believe me.

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    What were you doing while he was fucking your armpit? Do you still moan while he's fucking it?Also those he fuck both your armpits when he's doing that?


    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      She might be thinking to herself what's happening and if he's really humping your armpit.

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    I would personally prefer that he tries to titty fuck me rather than rub his dick in my armpit.


    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      Do you have the required boob size in order to give him a proper titty fuck?

    • Pihuya
      Pihuya commented
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      Almost girls prefer tittyfuck over this one cos there's no sexual excitement of having your armpit fuck or when he sticks his penis in your armpit.

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    I wonder who invented that sex term. Also do you have to put lube on your armpit if you're doing that?


    • InspiringMeanFantastic
      InspiringMeanFantastic commented
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      Maybe it depends on how tight she's going to close her armpit. If it's really tight, they might need to use some lube.

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    I am a guy and I have no armpit fetish but I prefer them to be clean and neat. Do you even like it when he bagpipes you? I don't know how that works, maybe you lock his dick on your armpit while he fucks it that's why he came.


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      I had that kind of fetish and I love the musty sweaty smell from the pits after a workout. I can't resist and I keep sniffing my girlfriend's shirt when she is not around.


      • ChocolateLove
        ChocolateLove commented
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        So do your girl do workouts and after that, you will smell her sweaty armpits cos you like it? You're weird especially when you mention that you sniff his shirt.

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      Does your armpit have to be sweaty when he bigpipes you? Oh, there's lube but sweat can also make a difference.