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The humorous hookup

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  • The humorous hookup

    Who doesn`t like some good humor and wild sex, eh? Don`t worry all you darlings out there funny fucker is here to rock your world! Haha! Seriously ladies imma rap for you while my hands clap those tits. Not looking for any verbal shit, anyone near or in X street? If yes then watccha waiting for babyyyy! Let`s have some fun while fucking.

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    Whoa. I loved the way you've been vocal about it. This post is a complete turn on for women. I hope you find someone as amazing as fuck.Cheers.


    • #3
      Whoa boy! You nailed it.


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        Omg I am in for such wildness where I can dress up as a kinky cat and indulge in sexual fantasies. I'm imagining this in my head already. We've to meet now. Can't wait.


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          Well, I'd have been interested if you could bite my tits instead of just clapping. Not my type!


          • Zach
            Zach commented
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            Licking would be nicer, not so sure how he'd clap on women's tits, is it like giving a high five?

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          I'm not sure that I would be enjoying doing it with you if you're going to rap while we're having sex. Since I would probably just laugh at you while doing it


          • lizza
            lizza commented
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            Maybe that's what he's aiming for. Making the girl laugh while having sex

          • Krist
            Krist commented
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            I can't imagine how will this thing go too. lol

          • lindseysexy
            lindseysexy commented
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            I'd go for it though, it seems it would be fun

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          Is it humorous because you have a small dick and I would laugh non-stop when I see it? LMAO


          • Girlie23
            Girlie23 commented
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            You might be right about that one

          • janney
            janney commented
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            Oh no I'm crossing my fingers.

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          This makes me feel like you're going to do a stand up routine while we're having sex


          • dorranlou
            dorranlou commented
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            errania2 so you automatically assumed that he's bad at both?

          • errania2
            errania2 commented
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            Yeah, I would think that he's bad at both

          • goodstrngr
            goodstrngr commented
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            Can we just hope that he's at least funny? lol

        • #9
          I bet that you're the type who doesn't write his own bars (lines). LMAO


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            Not sure if I'm interested in hooking up with someone like you


            • jerranour
              jerranour commented
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              Is he too young for your taste, or he looks like an amateur?

            • kranzd
              kranzd commented
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              Actually it is both. He looks a virgin and too young for my taste