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    Those who are currently single, has any of you ended up just hooking up with random guys or girls in order to fill up the place where your heart is supposed to be located?

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    Yes, if I feel a bit bad for myself for being single for an extended amount of time, I often end up having a fubu or two just to feel that I'm needed or loved lol


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      Not going to lie, but sometimes it feels better to hookup with random guys rather than being in a real relationship


      • Zach
        Zach commented
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        If that's the case, then maybe we can try and work something out. That is if you're not seeing anyone at the moment

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      Tried that when I was still single. Not something to be proud of though.


      • Hunnybunch
        Hunnybunch commented
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        But why is that?

      • jerranour
        jerranour commented
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        It looks like you hookup with a couple of women who are either married or in a relationship

      • Jarul
        Jarul commented
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        I'm curious, what happened?

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      I almost did hook up with random strangers but luckily I didn't do it. lol


      • Girlie23
        Girlie23 commented
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        What made you decide not to do it?

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      Don't equate hooking up with random people as a coping mechanism in order to feel loved. There are people out there who does that just because they're feeling horny


      • goodstrngr
        goodstrngr commented
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        But their being horny can be a form of coping mechanism also

      • Muggs
        Muggs commented
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        goodstrngr We really don't know about that.

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      Never, I am more concern about the disease that I might acquire than the state of my heart.


      • sevva3
        sevva3 commented
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        If you're worried about that, you can always have yourself checked often and make sure that you use protection

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      Not gonna lie, there have been a couple of times that I've done that sort of thing before


      • krstn10
        krstn10 commented
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        Are you proud of that?

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      I never thought about that because for me being single is not a bad thing.


      • CarpetMuncher
        CarpetMuncher commented
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        Try it once, you might like it.

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      To be honest, I've done that a lot of times before but now I changed my ways.


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        I've been through rough times before and I never used it as an excuse to hook up with random strangers.


        • ChocolateLove
          ChocolateLove commented
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          Same with me, sex will not solve anything.

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        Sometimes, I engage in one night stands but not all the time.


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          Yes, I tend to do that whenever I am drunk.


          • Happyro
            Happyro commented
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            Does it happen every time you go out and drink?

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          I never felt being lonely being single because I can flirt to whoever I want.


          • FyUoCuK24
            FyUoCuK24 commented
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            Yeah, that's right.

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          Yes and I don't see anything wrong about it. As long as the both of you that it is only sex, then I'm fine with it


          • HarSecConspiracy
            HarSecConspiracy commented
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            I agree, if you are single, you can do anything you want including having sex with any men you want.