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  • Lets Hookup!

    I'm just down to get down tonight. Looking for a hot guy who wants to have fun.

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    I am very intested. Message me if you are too.


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      I usually chat for a few weeks before I even consider meeting a guy. It's too easy when you meet someone online and I want to know that they're who they say they are. Before I meet them, I will chat with them for a few weeks, get to texting, and then talk with them on the phone. If they're hesitant to do any of these things, then I'm likely to stop talking with them, and I'm surely not going to meet up with them. Safety is a big things, so guys need to understand that most women aren't just going to dive head first into hanging out with you. There are far too many things to consider.


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        Always get to know someone before deciding to hang out with them. Of course. At least a few weeks of chatting is important, so that you know you're talking to a real person, an you can start to get some sort of a feel for whether or not they're crazy. No one wants to end up getting together with a crazy person. lol. Seriously though, I've had great experiences on this site, and it's because I wasn't in any kind of a rush. Take your time and get to know someone a little bit before you decide to hang out with them. It'll make the overall experience a much more pleasant one.


        • lindseysexy
          lindseysexy commented
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          Yeah I agree with you, its hard to trust people these days.

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        Message sent baby. Hope to see you soon then


        • lizza
          lizza commented
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          So have she sent you a message already?

        • Zach
          Zach commented
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          I guess she's still having fun with her boy toy or something

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        Were you able to get a guy to hook up with you?


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          When was the last time that you got fucked that you're that desperate to be with a guy?


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            I'll probably do this too when I'm so horny as fuck.


            • dorranlou
              dorranlou commented
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              Drop me a line the next time you feel horny

            • Aloha3e4
              Aloha3e4 commented
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              No problem. The question is, how long would it take before we could have some fun

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            Are you still looking for that someone to hookup with?


            • Girlie23
              Girlie23 commented
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              How sure are you that she's looking for somebody like you?