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    I`m gay, haven't gotten out of the closet yet. Only my mother knows, dad passed away when I was young. There`s this guy I have been in love with since the past 7 years. We were classmates in school, good friends and everything was all good. I never told him but I always thought he`s on the gay side too well now what happened is my best friend is dating him! I really want to tell her that hey this is the scenario but I can`t also they`re so happy together and he`s not gay I don`t know what to do. After this I started dating this other guy good one week, he was my first ever in everything but that ended within a week now all I`m doing is jumping from one dick to another, is there any word such as slut for a guy? Cause I`m that lol. So the point of posting this here is how do I tell my best friend that I`m in love with her guy? Also how do I get over him? It`s better to get over him then tell her, right?

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    Your situation actually sucks. I don't have words to mention how awkward your situation is cuz you are in love with your best friend's guy! This ain't a good thing at first. You'll be hurting your best friend if she gets to know it. you gotta keep your feelings aside and just get off the shit which is going on in your life. keep things simple. Keep things in a flow that doesn't or harm anyone else too. your stance will not only disturb that guy but it will also hurt your best friend. Best friend means that she trusts you, she has faith in you, and she loves you as a supporter, a guide and what not!! You should keep that trust built up. Keep it built up my friend. Get over those temporary feelings and try maintaining the friendship bond which worth's way more than what you are looking onto now.


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      Do not let your best friend know about all this. She's gonna think shit about you and you will certainly lose a best friend who would have cherished you for her entire life. but your feelings would just ruin the shit ya know! Keep it lowkey! Get attached to some other guy, someone who's worth it to have a long term relationship and something which doesn't affect you best friend ever. Get it?


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        Okay I have usually seen girls jumping from one dick to another.. like it's so freaking funny.. but but but, let me tell one thing. I am a lesbian; I have been a legit slut. For all my life trust me. But there are guys who act the same too. What I have noticed is that guys are acting more slutty these days than any other girl you know. No biasedness in being slut as well lol. If you as a gay are being one too, that's all okay. Legit all okay. Be whatever you want to be, do whatever you want to do. Get it? but do not hurt someone who has been your best friend? What would she think about you.. like you are trying to dig on the same guy whom she has loved for a long while. Ps. Being slut is not always good. It makes u very uncertain about life. I have been one and so I can tell you the best about it. wish you all the very best in finding a long term relationship!


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          Mann your life is just complicated. Too complicated type. And being slut type makes it worst. You keep jumping on for one dick to another and get nothing in return apart from HIV if you aren't using condoms lol lol well I'm just trying to be funny. But just try to fix the things and try settling down please! It sucks when I see people being so un sure about their life. Dating isn't about having nights on the beds to have the penis pumped up only. It has to be a lot more genuine. Well wisher's advice.