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Ex-partner turned into what?

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  • Ex-partner turned into what?

    You had a partner in the past and had one child. You had a divorce and had been living away from each other with no communication whatsoever. One day, you bumped with someone at a local mart and that person approached you. You seem to know that person only that you do not remember where you had met in the past. The person smiled at you and you remained there perplexed. After few minutes, you realized that it was your old partner, but one thing has changed a lot. He/She had turned into a transgender person!

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    Oh! I was not expecting that one! But yes, I had read some stories where their former spouses turned into transgender people. I guess that we should embrace their transitions. That is what they want to have and that is a thing that would make them happy. Let them be.


    • MagicBAKINGBNM
      MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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      It would be nice to see our partners living the life that they wanted. They turned out to become trans, so what? Let them be happy because of that, but then again, it is nice seeing them but things should be as is, being strangers.

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    So, would you be able to recognize someone when they already had their total transformations? I bet that they had changed their appearances totally.


    • Nappies
      Nappies commented
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      Yeah, they've completely changed but it does not mean that I should get along with them and be with them again. I think it's better that we should stay civilized or just strangers already.

    • Grateful
      Grateful commented
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      Appearances have changed already. That is for sure. I might not be able to recognize them after their transformations. But I would still be like a friend to them.

    • FortuneYumMr
      FortuneYumMr commented
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      I might not recognize her anymore. She could even be more beautiful than I am now. Lol.

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    I bet that she looks beautiful now. I had seen some transgender women who transformed into beauties. Well, some still had their dicks on, but that is another story.


    • Hunnybunch
      Hunnybunch commented
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      And there are those trans that somewhat look a bit manly since their Adam's apple is quite visible in their neck area but yeah, they turned out great since that's what they wanted anyway.

    • HEYhewlan
      HEYhewlan commented
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      Oh, yeah. Most transgender women whom I had known were beautiful. I do not know what they had done to their bodies, but most of them looked great.

    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      Well, it depends on the transformation. Well, I had watched one. He was muscular when he was a man. When she turned into a transwoman, her body changed completely.

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    After I got home. I would tell to my child that I had seen something abominable. Now, my child does not have a father anymore. How would I be able to explain that one to a little child?


    • HarSecConspiracy
      HarSecConspiracy commented
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      You should explain it when he/she grows up, he/she would understand that. For now, just keep it to yourself or tell it to your close friend about what you've seen earlier that day.

    • FyUoCuK24
      FyUoCuK24 commented
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      HarSecConspiracy Well, yeah, when the child is older, introduce a new aunt. Of course, that aunt was his father. Lol.

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    I think he's doing well and happy with it. What else can I say? I'm happy for him now that he is free and can do whatever he wants but he should not forget about his responsibilities with our child.


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      I'd be surprised to seee her in her full form and it is really unrecognizable that it's her. Whoa, it makes me think, did I made the right decision to leave her when I felt like this could happen soon in our relationship? Yeah, kind of.


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        Of course I will be surprised by what I discovered. But I can't really do anything about it, right? Maybe that is what he really wanted even when we were still together.


        • OhMyLorie
          OhMyLorie commented
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          True and you are just insensitive enough to not notice that. I bet he was secretly having an affair when you were still together.

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        That is some plot twist! I would probably scold myself for not noticing his actions back when we were still together. Well, we are divorced anyway so I shouldn't care anymore, right?


        • Happyhorr
          Happyhorr commented
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          Yes you shouldn't care anymore and you shouldn't think about him or her because you might just feel bad for not noticing. You have to realize that what you had was in the past and it is obvious that he already changed and has moved on from that.