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Lesbian to Straight, real quick!

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  • Lesbian to Straight, real quick!

    Can a lesbian suddenly turn back to being straight? I was just unsure of this but my close friend told me that her lesbian friend used to date girls years ago. But now, she's a straight woman and loves hooking up with big black men.

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    Well, there are cases where a person can have an identity crisis, where one was really sure about his/her gender but suddenly having regrets on taking the role of that gender which leads to going back to his her original sex, but it does not mean they can't go back to that phase maybe that person is actually bisexual.


    • CuteChocolate
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      Okay, yeah, she could be a bisexual. That is one of the most probable reasons why she suddenly shifted to a new gender. But I wonder why she had learned that one just lately. I think that a perception to be a bisexual comes at an early age.

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    I think that there are people who would end up experimenting when it comes to sex at a certain part of their lives. Maybe she was at that stage and realized that being with someone who has a dick is better


    • jerranour
      jerranour commented
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      Hmmm, okay, you have a point there. So, are you saying that for now, she is also experimenting with those big black men? So, what would be the next experiment that she would conduct?

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    Maybe she was just curious on what it feels like to date another woman that is why she dated a woman for a while


    • HarSecConspiracy
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      It is also possible that it's the other way around? This is the stage in her life that she's experimenting with men

    • dorranlou
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      If she was curious, then why did she do it multiple times? If she was only curious, one time was enough already. So, for me, it was not curiosity.

    • CumbersomeMome
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      And perhaps she is still figuring out where she really belongs.

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    Originally posted by Mimsywas1 View Post
    her lesbian friend used to date girls years ago. But now, she's a straight woman and loves hooking up with big black men.
    You've mentioned that she date women years ago so why are you assuming that went back straight in a snap of a finger? It is possible that after her last lesbian relationship that she realized that she's more into straight guys


    • Mermaidwas
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      Maybe she was just surprised that she ended up being with a guy knowing that she's been with a bunch of girls before

    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      A realization that came after few years of being a lesbian? Hmmm, okay, maybe. There are some people who went on that route. Still, I do not believe that gender is fluid.

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    What? That sounded so untrue to me. How could a lesbian suddenly turn into a woman and then started wanting big black men? That is like a story in a novel that would not be in touch with what reality is.


    • Kyarah
      Kyarah commented
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      Well, maybe she is just exploring again. Look, now her attention is into big black men. After few years, would she change her attention into big white men?