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    I am all about having fun and living life to the fullest. Many people just go through life and settle for the norm, but not me. I am older of course so I don't have a lot of god damn time to waste on small stuff. I also don't want to be connecting with people that are not compatible. That is a fucking waste of time and I have no time to waste. I plan to hook up with people who love to have fun and love excitement. I make no apologies of how I feel and that is why I am on this dating forum. I want to share my excitement for life and living with people that want to do the same. I am new the forum, but not new to adventure and fun. I have started living my life this way since my husband died. And I don't care how old the person is, whether younger or older, but I think the younger adult would know how to have more fun and have more energy to do so. So that is why I am looking for younger men to show me how they can excite my life even more. What you say about that?

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    I am what you would call a cougar too. I have been dating and connecting with younger men since I got a divorce four years ago and it has been terrific. Mind you, if you don't mind taking care of a younger man, then you can try the cougar lifestyle, but if you think the younger man should carry his own, you are in for a rude awakening because that is why they want to date or connect with older women like us. Of course, you are going to get something back in return because they will show you a good time and the sex is usually good. So I say the trade is not bad, if you are up to it.


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      I am one of those younger males that do not like to date anyone younger than me. I am all about the older women who are already accomplished. I find them to be honest and direct without the bullshit. I love that. I hate to date girls that try to play games. These cougar ladies don't play. If you start with the bullshit, they will get rid of you and look for someone else. Remember, they are the ones with the money and if you want to be spoiled and pampered, then you have to comply with what they want to do and when they want to do it. But you can have fun at the same time and make your own damn memories while you are at it. Everyone wins, if you know how to operate. 🤔


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        As a 54 year old male, I can see why an older woman would want to go younger than me, but in some cases, an older man like me that takes care of himself could be an option. I also know how to have fun and I also bring a lot to the table that a younger guy cannot. I am good in bed too because I work out and eat right so I try to keep as heathy as possible. I also don't look my age. I look younger and that has a lot to do with genes. So, you might want to look my way as well. You would be surprised how much I can do for you too!


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          I am young too, but I have never thought about dating an older woman. I stay within the 20s and 30s range, but now that you have made this post, I realize that I am limiting myself too. It is good to hook up with a wise woman because as a youth, I think I can learn a lot and believe it or not, I can also contribute my own experiences that I have learned in my own generation. Everyone should try something at least once and I am willing to try dating or connecting with an older woman in her forties, fifties or sixties. Thanks for opening up my eyes to something different.


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            I appreciate your comments and glad you all didn't chew me out for wanting fun and excitement from a younger person. I will definitely also look in the fifties age group to see if anyone is up to the challenge. I have been schooled by both younger and older. Age is just a damn number anyway and a lot of us get hooked up on it because of how society thinks. I am not normal and I refuse to be put in a box. I will determine my own damn destiny. 🤗