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  • Indiana Hookups and MORE!

    Hi, I'm AliveOlive Olive of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm 27 years old. I'm currently looking for someone to hook up with.
    I'm down for any kind of guy as long as he has a sense of humor and has a lot of patience.

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    Hey there, Olive! I would like to welcome you here on and I hope you get to know all the other members here. I'm Lindsey by the way, from St. Petersburg, Florida.


    • OhMyLorie
      OhMyLorie commented
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      Oh, you seem to be so friendly over there and that is so nice to know that there are nice people here.

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    Be careful on what you wish for when you say any guy unless you want to have those old men. When I say old men, they would be like your grand father. lol.


    • BeanStory
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      Those old men you're talking about aren't nasty as you think. Well, yes, some of them are quite nasty but most of them just probably want to have a companion.

    • KimmieS
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      Lol! Maybe age doesn't matter to Olive.

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    Originally posted by AliveOlive View Post
    HI'm down for any kind of guy as long as he has a sense of humor and has a lot of patience.
    I thought you would say: "As long as he has a huge pack and a good fucker."



    • goodstrngr
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      Who doesn't want a huge pack? Plus, a good fucker too. I would offer myself to him, so where is he? Could he be anywhere in this forum?

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    What do you mean with MORE? I am puzzled with your post. What exactly are you looking for aside from those hookups?


    • Paylah
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      She might be looking for some online friends here too, why don't you try and be friends with her?

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    Why does he need to be patient with you? Does it take you a long time before you orgasm?


    • errania2
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      You should do more research on women and their orgasms. It's normal if it takes too long for a woman to reach her orgasm. I guess you've probably been with girls who fake their orgasm just to impress you LOL!

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    Originally posted by AliveOlive View Post
    he has a sense of humor and has a lot of patience.
    I understand the sense of humor. The guy must know how to be funny sometimes. But how about this lots of patience? Are you kinda stubborn or something that he needs to be patient with you?


    • CarpetMuncher
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      Do you think that being stubborn makes you unattractive? And did you know that patience will always depend on the situation or the person you're dealing with?

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    It might help to put a picture up in this case , friend


    • AliveOlive
      AliveOlive commented
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      Working on it, thank you for the tip!