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Breaking the dry spell

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  • Breaking the dry spell

    I`m a virgin to this site lol point being I have never had any account made on any site and well I thought it`s about time I break that dry spell. Well I don`t know how it goes but I`ll give it a shot so, I`m basically from Finland but right now in Hong Kong and I`m boreddddd here! Stuck here for like 6 more months, haven`t found anyone attractive or anything where I`d be like oh let`s take things somewhere else. Wanna know anything about me just hit me up! Also I`m not that picky but I have my preferences, anyone up for some good time with a 27 year old then message me up!

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    I was a virgin too before I joined this site but then I found matt, the greatest guy on this earth and we had our first meeting 2 months after. I always thought that he wasn't interested in me and I gave up on him until my friend asked him if he liked me and he said yes. I didn't believe it and I thought that this is another post website meeting prank because I have been fooled here before too but he was soo persistent like he kept calling my friend to set up a real meet and the guy came with a bouquet when we finally met. So amazing, we didn't do anything that night. However, we are now going 8 months strong and guess what, I aint a virgin anymore and I am deciding to move in with him as well so this site has pretty much for everyone so best of luck in finding the right guy!


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      Lol when you have your preferences I suggest you mention them on your bio otherwise it wastes a certain amount of time. Plus you're just 27 so you must be in for a lot of adventures too so forget the preferences and check your inbox beautiful


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        I have always been curious at what do people in Hong Kong do and why would you move from Finland to there. Basically a couple of things that your bio must have told but yeah. How is Hong Kong like a country? I have heard that people are a bit cocky but then people from here always say that about others, can't say that we are racist but we just are less welcoming now after all what's going in the world.


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          I am 29 and I have a huge dick. I am not gonna come to Hong Kong but if you ever come back to Finland you let me know. I don't like to stay in long term relationships but I just like to have fun so I don't wanna hurt your feelings too if you are all the sort of marriage kind coz I'm clearly not.