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BI lead to Bashing

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  • BI lead to Bashing

    So I wrote in my profile that I`m bi and the amount of bashing I got it`s not even funny. Even when I asked people to review my profile everyone asked me to remove the bi information, I don`t get it can`t a person be into vaginas and dicks, both at the same time? Can someone tell me how exactly can I let the females know that I`m open to them too? Men approach me yes, nice feeling but at times I want boobs and not a flat chest. My profile is up, please look at it and advice me, tell me what changes should I make, I`m sick and tired of the moral police we are living in the 21st century and yet nobody can mind their own fucking business!

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    Same here. The criticism I have received is unbelievable too and I can't even completely understand as to what I did to deserve that. I don't see how anyone has a right to say anything about my sexuality and my preferences regardless of whatever gender they belong to. It's pretty shit that these people have no upbringing or education to help them through it. Such a pity.


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      Exactlllyyyy. When will we know that it's finally the 21st century and there are a lot of other things bigger than this that you people need to think about.


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        You're doing it right by not putting it off and I think you encourage other people to be confident about their preferences too. If someone has a problem, they can skip but why do they have to stop and make comments and think that they are the society police and have the underlying duty of making everything morally right.


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          To go about this is not to consider this is an option. You are what you are, define it and make it clear to others. Being disrespected and attacked over this is stupid but you gotta bear with it for a while too because everyone has a habit of poking their noses. Consider people who are close to you like your family and loved ones and if they're okay with it, what gives someone else the right to say anything about it.


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            I am not independent yet but when I will be I will get out of contact with anyone who has a problem with it because I just can't deal with it anymore. It's my life and it depends on me how I want to live it. Idk why others have to comment on that because it becomes so freaking annoying. ugh