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    One time I hooked up with this guy after reading his profile. He said he was a lawyer and had his own law firm. I was in law school so I wanted someone who was too busy for a commitment and who was in a similar line of work that I was trying to reach. Lo and behold, we went to a restaurant and began talking about different things and everytime, I tried to bring up his profession, he would change it to something else. He got caught when a friend of his who I didn't know walked up to us and hollered out his name. It was not the name that he had told me. I looked puzzled and looked at him just in time to see him using his eyebrows to tell the guy to go away. But the guy wasn't having it. He then told my so-called lawyer friend that his work schedule at the supply warehouse had changed and was to come in at 3 instead of noon. If he could have sunk in the chair he would have. After the guy left, I asked him about it and he tried to stammer his way through a lie. I got up and walked out. It wasn't the fact that he lied, but he lied big! I laugh about it today cause the guy got ambition!

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    He probably was a lawyer in his own! So dont' fault him for it. He really believed it and lived it. So don't be hard on him either. He will get over it someday, but then woman like you will be! I feel his pain right now. He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. You served him a walk out on a platter. Way to go! 🤣


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      His legal skills did not get him out of the mess he made with you. He must have wanted to run away or sink deep into the chair he was sitting in. I guess he will never tell any other woman that he is a lawyer. No, I take that back. He just might do it and hope that he gets away with it again. Too bad. It is his loss and not yours.


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        I hate when men think they can get away with lying their asses off. I know women lie too, but when a man wants to get a woman badly, he will lie through his teeth. I am sorry that you had to find out that way, but it is better to find out earlier than later. You did the right thing by walking away from that mess.


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          If he lied about what kind of work he does, then he will lie about anything other fucking thing. I am glad you caught that lying piece of shit. You should have cussed him out right there on the spot. You should also have told his friend the lie he had told you...just to embarrassing the damn liar!


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            Yes, I don't like to hook up with men who lie for no damn reason. He had no reason to lie. I guess he was trying to impress me, but it didn't work. You saw that, right? Thank you for understanding my plight. I got myself into a mess, but thank heavens I got out before it got messier.