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I’m looking for a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles

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  • I’m looking for a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles

    My partner and I have been following out in a relationship lately, and this is putting me into depression. Our relationship is going from bad to worse, and we have come to a point where our communication has come to a near halt.

    We have been married for seven years and do not have a baby yet. We have tried and planned, but efforts haven’t really worked in our favor. Now the situation is falling apart more so because I’m unable to satisfy my partner in bed – I'm struggling with erectile dysfunction.

    I have been long thinking of visiting a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area. I have shortlisted a few therapists, but I am not very confident and sure if I should visit one. Will the sex therapist help. Is it a good choice?

    I don’t want to part with my wife, I love her, but I understand since we are not a complete family yet, and are growing in difference, I want to make sure it is not because of my incapability in bed.

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    Yeah, I think that you should visit a sex therapist because he/she might help you with your erectile dysfunction. I suggest also that you use penis ring since it will help in maintaining an erection and it also widely used by men who have the situation as you.


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      If that is what you the best option, then do it. Go and consult a sex therapist because they are professionals and they know what to do.


      • OhMyLorie
        OhMyLorie commented
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        Yeah, I think that all he needs is medical help from a professional.

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      So how are things going so far? Have you already consulted a sex therapist?


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        Any update on your situation?


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          I hope that you were able to overcome the things that you're suffering right now.


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            Seeing a sex therapist is the best decision that you will do, it will only help you with your erectile dysfunction but it might also improve your sex life with your wife.


            • jerranour
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              I agree. Nothing beats an expert.

            • janney
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              jerranour I hope he followed our advice.

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            So how was your search?


            • Mermaidwas
              Mermaidwas commented
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              I guess he already found a sex therapist somewhere else.

            • Muggs
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              Mermaidwas Well, we hope so that he was able to find one.