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I’m looking for a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles

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  • I’m looking for a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles

    My partner and I have been following out in a relationship lately, and this is putting me into depression. Our relationship is going from bad to worse, and we have come to a point where our communication has come to a near halt.
    We have been married for seven years and do not have a baby yet. We have tried and planned, but efforts haven’t really worked in our favor. Now the situation is falling apart more so because I’m unable to satisfy my partner in bed – I'm struggling with erectile dysfunction.
    I have been long thinking of visiting a certified sex therapist in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills area. I have shortlisted a few therapists, but I am not very confident and sure if I should visit one. Will the sex therapist help. Is it a good choice?
    I don’t want to part with my wife, I love her, but I understand since we are not a complete family yet, and are growing in difference, I want to make sure it is not because of my incapability in bed.

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    Have you tried using the magic blue pill in order to help you with your problem?


    • CrateChocolate
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      Maybe he's looking for alternatives because it has a side effect on him

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    Just update us what's the result of your check up.


    • CarpetMuncher
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      Yes, I think we just need to wait for the result.

    • Paylah
      Paylah commented
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      CarpetMuncher Hope he will get through that.

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    Why not just go and visit the nearest hospital so that you can have your dick checked already rather than ask for our help here


    • Mermaidwas
      Mermaidwas commented
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      I guess that's what he needs to do.

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    Is your erectile dysfunction only recent or it has been a problem for a long time? If it is only recent, maybe it is because of the pressure that you're feeling towards your wife. I would suggest to talk to counselor first in order for the both of you to sort things out before going to a sex therapist


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      So did you visit the sex therapist you were talking about last time?


      • Jarul
        Jarul commented
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        We can all hope that they're able to sort out their problem already

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      I really hope that you can work things out with her. It is seldom to find people whose marriages lasts a long time these days


      • HEYhewlan
        HEYhewlan commented
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        Yeah, I'm rooting for them as well

      • Nappies
        Nappies commented
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        HEYhewlan It's been more than a month now so I hope he gets things sorted out now.

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      Goodluck! I hope you find what you are looking for.


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        Did you fail erection of the penis just in front of your wife? Or all the women? If you want to enhance your relationship, you can add some sex toys to your bed. No offence. maybe you can go this sex doll site. - produce and sell sex love dolls directly all over the world market, we would provide high-level realistic dolls and better service with free shipping.


        • CRAZYHEY
          CRAZYHEY commented
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          He has erectile dysfunction and I do not think a sex doll can help him in his situation.

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        How will it be if get solo play? hope you can get troubleshooting


        • dorranlou
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          What are you talking about? Not sure masturbating would solve their problems

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        Have you talked to a therapist already or not?


        • 59Alpha
          59Alpha commented
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          Was actually thinking of asking that also since he hasn't posted an update

        • janney
          janney commented
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          59Alpha Still haven't received any update from him?