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  • Fooooooooood Kink

    If you have food kink what food would you like? Here is the screenshot for food Kink

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    I think most of us have done it once or twice. Was expecting that this would be about the naked sushi thing that you would often see in movies


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      Not a food kink, but we've used some whipped cream, chocolate, syrup and some fruits before


      • wanny
        wanny commented
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        An aspiring dessert huh? Gotta try this. lol

      • Tejal
        Tejal commented
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        Yeah, this is actually one thing I wanna try in the future.

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      I would suggest that you ladies try putting some ice cubes inside your mouth before you suck his dick. Also you can let him use an ice cube to tease your nipples


      • Zach
        Zach commented
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        If you want, we can do those things to each other

    • #5
      I've once covered my tits with whipped cream so that he can lick them clean


      • lindseysexy
        lindseysexy commented
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        I bet that the guy really had fun licking your tits clean

    • #6
      I don't think that any of the members here have a full blown food kink


      • Krist
        Krist commented
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        How about you? Have you used all the things that were previously mentioned?

    • #7
      It would be the one where sushi would be placed all over my naked body


      • CarpetMuncher
        CarpetMuncher commented
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        Do you want the guy to use chopsticks or just his mouth when getting the sushi that's on top of your body?

    • #8
      I always wanted putting peanut butter all over my partner's body and I lick it all clean like a kitty cat.


      • #9
        There's this fantasy I have that involves a guy and cucumber.


        • Hunnybunch
          Hunnybunch commented
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          Hmm, I'm curious. What is the use of the cucumber by the way?