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  • Could not sustain

    My friend and I had a conversation. She told me that she is not satisfied with her boyfriend. Most of the time, her boyfriend could not sustain a hard cock so she ends up frustrated. So, most of the time, she fakes her orgasms. How is she going to tell this issue to her boyfriend?

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    Well, well, well. What do we have here? I do not think that he has erectile dysfunction as he gets hard but not for so long. Is he aware that he has this certain issue?


    • 59Alpha
      59Alpha commented
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      He should probably go see a doctor.

    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      This is also what I could suggest. A urologist, perhaps?

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    Originally posted by OhMyLorie View Post
    Well, well, well. What do we have here?
    Who says that in this day and age? I didn't expect to see this here lol


    • dorranlou
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      Someone did. lol. I bet you were surprised to read something that is not being commonly used anymore.

    • kranzd
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      dorranlou It was a famous meme few years ago. Was she stuck at that time?

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    Are you having too much foreplay? That may be your reason for this.


    • Lovereso
      Lovereso commented
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      I think she would be satisfied with him if they were having a long foreplay since the guy would definitely try to make her beg for that dick before he puts it inside of her

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    How old is he? That kind of dysfunction is common in older men.


    • Aloha3e4
      Aloha3e4 commented
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      It is unlikely that her boyfriend is an old man. Perhaps, he may have a certain medical condition. She should ask her boyfriend for that.

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    How long is their your sex session? Maybe, the man had already released his cum so his cock already softened?


    • sevva3
      sevva3 commented
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      This could be one of the reasons. Maybe, he is already done and the girl just wants to have an extended play.

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    If she's getting tired of faking it, maybe they can talk about it soon. Or she can give subtle hints about his performance. Like trying to tell him that you want to orgasm during foreplay


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      What if the guy is the type who's tends to be selfish during sex? She would still end up being sexually frustrated with him