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    Since this is mainly about sex, I would like to ask the guys if they can make their dicks go hard on command. Like making it hard without stroking it or any stimulation of sorts

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    Not sure that they can't make it hard without the help of any kind of stimulation


    • wanny
      wanny commented
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      They can't make their dicks hard without stimulation whether visual or physical. I think it includes imagination, too.

    • ChocolateLove
      ChocolateLove commented
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      Yeah, it explains why they always have morning wood.

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    From what I know they need some sort of stimulation be it a visual or physical one


    • 59Alpha
      59Alpha commented
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      My partner would move his dick and poke me with it for fun when we're cuddling

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    I saw this article on how a guy can train his dick to get hard on command. As for me, it is still needs to be stimulated in order for it to get hard
    Gezieltes Beckenbodentraining sorgt für eine verbesserte Sexualität, mehr Leistungsfähigkeit und eine bessere Ausstrahlung ▷▷ hier Übungen als PDF-Download.


    • KimmieS
      KimmieS commented
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      Why not try and read the article also so that you can get it hard without the help of any stimulation

    • InsideBoa
      InsideBoa commented
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      What kind of stimulation are we talking about here? Does it need to be a physical one or visual stimulation is enough already

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    What do you mean with on command? Like saying "Get hard now" and they could get hard instantly? I do not think that they could do that one.


    • errania2
      errania2 commented
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      I think that's exactly she's talking about when she mentioned "on command"

    • Happyro
      Happyro commented
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      I do not think that it would be possible to do that one. It could not be that they would say "Get hard on" then it would get hard.

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    If guys get horny it signals the brain and the blood flow would go down on their penis and get a hard on. They can move it by command as well. It becomes too sensitive if it get's hit even lightly.


    • janney
      janney commented
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      Have you been with someone who can make his dick dance? Only asking it since you've mentioned that they can make it move on command lol

    • Perkiness
      Perkiness commented
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      janney I think that I had seen a video where he could control the movements of his dick. But, of course, that would be a rare case.

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    That is not possible. I have never seen a man who was able to command his own dick.


    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      You're right about that one. I bet any guy would get an erection if there is a nude woman right in front of them

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    Never been with a guy who can do that, but I once had an ex who came while he was still soft. I was just starting to give him a handjob and all of a sudden I felt my hand was covered with him cum already


    • Tejal
      Tejal commented
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      Sounds like you're really great when it comes to giving a hand job since he came without getting hard

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    Guess that involuntary erections don't count since they're not sure when it would happen