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  • The bulges

    My friend has a habit of looking at men. No, not the regular way of looking at the men. She has a hobby of looking at men’s bulges. She does it most frequently at the malls where men are everywhere. The larger the bulge, the more she is attracted to the man. Shall I be concerned?

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    Is that just a past time as she had nothing to do or does she do it most of the time?
    If just a past time, then she could just be fooling around.
    If she does it regularly, then maybe her libido is so high?


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      There are women who fake their tits by wearing paddings. So are there men who also fake their bulges? If yes, how to they fake it?


      • ChocolateLove
        ChocolateLove commented
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        From what I know, there are some who would do that during fashion shoots and the location is a bit cold

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      As long as she does it in a discreet way and doesn't harass the guy, you don't need to worry about it


      • Tejal
        Tejal commented
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        It's like when guys gaze at women from head to toe. But ogling is already considered a harassment

      • lizza
        lizza commented
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        Tejal the only time that it counts as harassment is when you get caught lol

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      Double effin' standards, man! Guys always stare at women's breasts. I guess it's okay to ogle at those bulges as long as it's not too obvious.


      • KimmieS
        KimmieS commented
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        Just because she's concerned withe her friend it doesn't mean that you can't ogle with guys already. So go ahead and objectify them as much as you want since nobody can stop you from doing it lol

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      I don't mind at all if I always get stared at because of my bulge. lol


      • dorranlou
        dorranlou commented
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        Are you sure that there's a bulge down there even if you don't put a sock down there? lol

      • grblng78
        grblng78 commented
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        dorranlou It is not a sock that they put down there. There is something that they wear. I do not know what it is called but I have seen a photo of it.

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      I sometimes look at bulges but I don't do it on purpose. It's just that they're wearing tight jeans lol


      • kranzd
        kranzd commented
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        Do you look at something else whenever you "accidentally" look at their bulge?

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      Originally posted by muffinthumper View Post
      As long as she does it in a discreet way and doesn't harass the guy, you don't need to worry about it
      You should also include that she doesn't salivate when she notices someone who has a huge bulge lol