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  • Hiring escorts

    I have known some male friends who had been availing of escort services simply because they could not get the ladies who they want to have. What can you say to this practice?

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    Let there be equality! Let us also hire the gigolos.


    • dorranlou
      dorranlou commented
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      Well, nobody is stopping you when it comes to hiring gigolos. So go ahead and feel free to let them plow you lol

    • krstn10
      krstn10 commented
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      Are you really going to get gigolos if you have trouble when it comes to finding guys to hookup with?

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    Oh, I haven't tried hiring gigolos nor I don't have any friends who are escorts.


    • Zach
      Zach commented
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      But has any of your male friends actually hired an escort before?

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    Why hire someone and pay for fun? I get hookups for free.


    • goodstrngr
      goodstrngr commented
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      Just keep it safe. I'm sure you're aware that free hookups from strangers come with STDs

    • HappySecLove
      HappySecLove commented
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      How do you get those hookups? And where do you usually see them? I kinda like want to have some fun, too.

    • Biggerwave
      Biggerwave commented
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      Are you sure that they were really into you and they were not drunk or tripping on something? lol

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    Nearly tried hiring escorts but it's not really my thing since I don't have that much cash


    • Krist
      Krist commented
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      Maybe one day, you'll be like one of those old men who can afford to have an escort for your leisure lol

    • kranzd
      kranzd commented
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      What was your reason why you wanted to hire some escorts? I believe that escorts are way better in bed as they have more experiences than the regular people. What do you think?

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    if they have the money to burn, then they're free to do whatever they want. And besides, I think that's better than trying to force themselves on a woman


    • Deepah
      Deepah commented
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      Yeah. Everybody deserves to be happy. So, if they want to hire those escort services in order for them to have some temporary happiness then so be it. Let us be merry in this world while we are still alive.

    • Happyhorr
      Happyhorr commented
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      They might end up being thrown out of the bar or club if they even try to force themselves on a woman

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    All I can say that it's all good, for your guy friends, they get what they want. For the escorts, they get paid for their service and it's a job to consider because we all just wanted to make a living.


    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      You opened up my mind on this. Before reading this one, my mind was on the side that those escorts are vermin. Now, I grasped that, yeah, they also need to make a living so the relationship is symbiotic. Both of the parties are giving and receiving.

    • CumbersomeMome
      CumbersomeMome commented
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      LoveHeadline yes, think of the men escorts (gigolos) who enjoy sex and at the same time, earns from what they love doing.

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    Are they that desperate to have sex that they're willing to pay for it? I would suggest that's they're going to do in order to have sex, they should at least get tested often in order to avoid catching something nasty from the hookers that they're going to have sex with


    • MagicBAKINGBNM
      MagicBAKINGBNM commented
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      No one is too desperate for sex, hun. It's just that we have our wants and needs as other people do. You can't restrict people for hiring escorts and gigolos, it's none of your business. It's their money anyway.