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Attracted to a step sibling

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  • Attracted to a step sibling

    Divorces happen and parents remarry. What would you do if you find yourself to be sexually attracted with your step sibling? That would be a taboo socially, right?

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    There are many men out there so spare yourself from humiliation. It is not right to have a sexual relationship with a step sibling. He is already considered as a family member so stay away from having a sexual relation.


    • CuteChocolate
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      Think of this, OhMyLorie what if the step-sibling is sexually attracted to Creepy456stranger? The step-sibling could be hot and yummy, so what can you say about that now?

    • Tanvil
      Tanvil commented
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      My thoughts too exactly, CuteChocolate. If that were me, I wouldn't want to resist having sexual attractions with my hot step-sibling. A sexual attraction is just an attraction unless she initiates us to have sex, then I guess it's okay.

    • AliveOlive
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      Tanvil It is actually wrong socially as you are already considered as siblings. But if you are hard headed and still want to fuck each other then you may do so but there would be some risks involved.

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    Originally posted by Creepy456stranger View Post
    Divorces happen and parents remarry. What would you do if you find yourself to be sexually attracted with your step sibling? That would be a taboo socially, right?
    Yes, that is considered taboo from the eyes of society and considered incest by the law. So, you're sexually attracted to your step-sibling? Well, that's okay. It's just sexual attraction, like lust right? As long as there is no sexual intercourse involved. If something had happened between both parties, it would be considered incest, even if they aren't related by blood.
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    • grblng78
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      Porn makes it seem okay to have sexual relationships with your step-sibling/s and people should know that porn is purely a figment of everyone's wildest imagination. It's all an act but trained-professional porn actors and actresses

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    Honestly, I wouldn't feel any sexual attraction towards my step-sibling in the first place. For me, a step-sibling is already considered a sibling by blood. Having sexual attraction towards them is not okay and it's not normal.


    • errania2
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      But what if your step-sibling is super attractive, plus he's yummy? It would be impossible not to have sexual desires on your step-sibling, lol!
      Just sexual desires BeanStory, you don't have to fuck him. But you know, unless you wanted to. Hahaha

    • KimmieS
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      You are not related by blood, but remember that you are related by heart. You should respect your family.

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    You're sexually attracted to your step-sibling, there's nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to someone and since you two are not blood-related, it's fine. Just keep your thoughts to yourself, it is quite taboo for other people, yes.


    • Paylah
      Paylah commented
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      How do people become sexually attracted to their step-sibling? That only happens in porn right? It's staged and they're just actors. Is your mind conditioned into thinking that having sexual attractions to your step-siblings is normal? Because it is not. That's terribly wrong.

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    Since it is socially taboo, then I would resist myself for being sexually attracted to my step-sibling. I wouldn't like it if our sibling bond will always end up underneath the sheets!


    • Biggerwave
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      I think it's the media to be blamed for. The porn industry popularized step-sibling kind of relationships and some people think that it's okay to have sexual relations with your step-sibling, step-parent, etc/

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    I've had sexual desires about step-sibling pornos I've watched, so it would be possible for me to be sexually attracted to my step-sibling. It is taboo but how about those people who marry their cousins? Yes, you are blood-related to your cousin but a step-sibling is not someone you're related by blood.


    • Imhisforever
      Imhisforever commented
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      So when you say sexually attracted, it would be possible that you might initiate to have sex with her. I don't think that she can even let you do that since she sees you as her brother already.