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  • Would you?

    Would you still have sex with a guy who already got someone pregnant? Why or why not?

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    Did he impregnate the woman on purpose? If that's the case, then it's an absolute NO for me. I don't want to get pregnant yet, I think I am still too young for that.


    • YourHero
      YourHero commented
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      Of course, he would deny the fact that he did not impregnate her on purpose (which he actually did) and it's best if you should avoid those types of men.

    • BeanStory
      BeanStory commented
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      Too young for you? But you are not 15 years old anymore. Actually, you are on your prime age to get pregnant.

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    What's the big deal if the guy already got someone pregnant? Is that already wrong in this society? I'm not mad, just curious.


    • Mimsywas1
      Mimsywas1 commented
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      It is not a big deal at all. Hey, come on. There are so many men with no wives but already have kids.

    • HarHappyTricked
      HarHappyTricked commented
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      Not really a big deal but if a guy has kids from various women, then that is already a big deal to me. Why would he have various kids?

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    Yes, I think I would still have sex with a guy who already impregnated someone. But I have to make sure that we are both protected when we are doing it. I don't want to be the second woman who will bear his child just because of unprotected sex.


    • FyUoCuK24
      FyUoCuK24 commented
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      Good girl. At least, you know what you are doing. Yes, we must always practice safe sex.

    • LaoFood
      LaoFood commented
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      Do not worry as you would not be the second woman to get impregnated. You could be the six or seventh or whatever. Such an asshole. But anyway I am just exaggerating. I had never seen a man who had impregnated various women in a short amount of time.

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    Of course! There are so many men who got their women pregnant so there is nothing wrong having him. Note that I won't get pregnant. Lol.


    • CuteChocolate
      CuteChocolate commented
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      He won't impregnate you unless you told him to, right? I mean he got a girl pregnant before, probably an accident or the girl/s wanted to get impregnated by him. But if you're ready to get impregnated, would you want it to be with him?

    • krstn10
      krstn10 commented
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      If the man is like a super man then I would allow him to impregnate me. Super man is someone who is handsome, sexy, intelligent and good mannered.

    • Imhisforever
      Imhisforever commented
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      What if accidentally, you got pregnant? What would you do next?

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    Those men had sex with multiple women already. Why are you so afraid to hookup with him?


      CRAZYHEY commented
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      She's scared that maybe this time around he might impregnate her! LMAO!
      If she still wants to hook up with him, it's better if he'd use protection this time.

    • Mimsywas
      Mimsywas commented
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      CRAZYHEY We should always be careful that we should not get pregnant. It would be difficult if we get pregnant.

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    Originally posted by sevva3 View Post
    Would you still have sex with a guy who already got someone pregnant? Why or why not?
    I'll have it the other way around: Yes, I'd want to have sex with a girl who got pregnant by someone. So what if she got pregnant before? It doesn't mean she does not know how to fuck anymore, or she is not that fuckable anymore. Hell, who would even think about shit like that? I'd fuck her if she'll let me.


    • Muggs
      Muggs commented
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      I'd never want to fuck a woman who got pregnant already. I'm afraid that she might have been loose down there and I'm afraid that I might fail to satisfy her.

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    If a man had impregnated someone without a plan, that could mean two things: one, he is dumb and two, he is dumb. Yes. A double dumb man. A man should know what he is doing. He could not just bang and bang, right?


    • Girlie23
      Girlie23 commented
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      And I can tell that he cannot give her any kind of support especially financial support. Such a shame that men always leave their responsibilities just like that.

    • janney
      janney commented
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      Girlie23 But a woman could sue the man and demand for child support.

    • ChocolateLove
      ChocolateLove commented
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      Girlie23 I really hate irresponsibilities people!