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  • Let them be?

    I know this sounds weird but I would like to ask just the same. For men, would you ask your partner to suck the dicks of any men whom they fancy to have? For women, would you ask your partner to let him be sucked by any women whom they fancy to have? Take note that it is only oral sex and not any other kind of sex.

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    That is something that is out of this world. Why would I ask my partner for that thing? It is like saying that he could do anything that he wants to do and I would just not mind it at all. Nope! That is not going to happen.


    • Jarul
      Jarul commented
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      It's only my thought on who is open or up for that kind of thing, you don't have to hate me for asking that one lol.

    • LaoFood
      LaoFood commented
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      I think it would be okay to work out if you are in an open relationship.

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    If we're in a romantic relationship, that would be a no. But if we're just fuck buddies or in an open relationship, who am I to stop her from sucking other dicks.


    • Paylah
      Paylah commented
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      Agree on this one bro! It must be an open relationship otherwise you don't want your partner's breath to be smelling like your neighbor's dick.

    • Imhisforever
      Imhisforever commented
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      Paylah I don't like the sound of that if you want your partner sucking any dick that she wants.

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    What kind of relationship does the two of you have? If the two of you are dating exclusively, then I don't think that's a good idea.


    • lindseysexy
      lindseysexy commented
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      I believe that they are already partners like a real lover already. It is like having an open sex with others but limited to oral sex only.

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    Why did you think of that question all of a sudden? Did any of your exes actually asked you about that?


    • Lovereso
      Lovereso commented
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      Maybe she is the one thinking of doing it or she already did suck other dicks.

      CRAZYHEY commented
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      Or she was just curious if that event really happens.

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    If my boyfriend tells me he wants that kind of situation from me, I would tell him that why do we have to limit it on blowjobs, why not we do it all the way and just fuck any person that we want. I bet he's going to stop talking about that blowjob thing.


    • Happyro
      Happyro commented
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      Do you really think that threatening him that you're willing to sleep with other people would work? What if he agrees with it, are you going to be fine with it?

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    I'm going to think that I'm terrible when it comes to giving blowjobs that's why he wants to have that kind of arrangement with me.


    • HarSecConspiracy
      HarSecConspiracy commented
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      Or maybe his dick is not that long enough for you to be satisfied on giving a blowjob lol!

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    If the couple had agreed to have that consensus, then there should be no problem with it. But how can they control that it would be limited to oral sex only?


    • lizza
      lizza commented
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      I'm guessing that the two of them knows when to stop or are great when it comes to self-control that's why they can guarantee that it would only be oral sex.

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    How sure are you that's all they're going to do. It hasn't crossed your mind that they might get carried away and end up having sex?


    • BeanStory
      BeanStory commented
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      I'm sure that they're going to have sex and just use the excuse that they've got carried away because of how good she sucked my dick/ how big his cock is.

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    There's a chance that your guy already has a girl in mind who's willing to suck his dick that's why he's suggesting that to you. Because I don't see any valid reason why he would suggest such a thing all of a sudden.


    • CumbersomeMome
      CumbersomeMome commented
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      It can also be the other way around, the girl really wanted to suck other dicks maybe because she is not satisfied with his guy's dick but she can't say it to him.

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    If it is just plain sucking of my dick then I think it's okay. But of course, if that happens we should be extra careful because it may lead to sex if you can't control yourself.


    • Zach
      Zach commented
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      Well if you can't control there's always the urge that you want to have sex with her so you better be careful about that one.

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    This might be awkward if you want your man to eat any pussy that he fancy having. Imagine if it's your friends that he wants and your friends want to have him too.


    • Kyarah
      Kyarah commented
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      Not only awkward but it just shows that your partner is not satisfied with the both of you.

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    If we were dating I would never want for some other woman to suck my man off, I mean what if she's so much better at blowing him than I do lol


    • YourHero
      YourHero commented
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      How would you know if she is better? Do a competition on your man's dick to know who sucks better. lmao

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    When you're in an open relationship I guess but otherwise then probably no, not sure what kind of exclusive relationship you both have if you let your partner do that unless it's a fetish you both have lol.


    • LoveHeadline
      LoveHeadline commented
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      That would be a weird fetish and I'm pretty sure all of us don't want their partner having orals with the others.

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    It looks like the men here respect their partners since almost all of them think that it is not a good idea if they're in a romantic relationship.


    • Krist
      Krist commented
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      Do you only see us as a bunch of horn dogs that's why you were surprised that we don't think that her idea was a good one?

    • BAKINGre
      BAKINGre commented
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      I just home what they are saying also applies to them in the real world.